fool1 [ ful ] noun **
1. ) count someone who does not behave in an intelligent or sensible way:
You're a fool if you think you'll ever see that money again.
feel (like) a fool: He made me feel like such a fool when he used me as an example!
look (like) a fool: I'm not wearing that; I don't want to look like a fool.
2. ) count a man in the past whose job was to entertain a king, queen, or other important person by making them laugh: JESTER
3. ) count or uncount a sweet food made from crushed cooked fruit mixed with cream and served cold
any fool
used for saying that anyone at all can do or understand something because it is very easy or obvious:
Any fool can see that she's taking advantage of him.
a fool and his money (are soon parted)
used for saying that someone who is not sensible spends their money carelessly
fool enough to do something
so stupid that you do something that is not sensible
fools rush in (where angels fear to tread) SPOKEN
used for saying that people who are not sensible do things without thinking carefully about what may happen as a result
make a fool (out) of someone
to deliberately make someone seem stupid, for example by tricking them:
I felt that Sally had made a complete fool out of me.
make a fool of yourself
to make yourself seem stupid by behaving in a silly or embarrassing way:
He made a fool of himself by turning up drunk to a TV talk show.
(the) more fool you/him/her etc. SPOKEN
used for saying that you think someone is doing something stupid:
Well, more fool you if you give him any more of your money!
no/nobody's fool
intelligent and with a lot of experience of life so that you do not allow other people to trick you
play/act the fool
to deliberately behave in a silly way that annoys people
fool 2 [ ful ] verb transitive *
to trick someone by making them believe something that is not true:
I was completely fooled by her.
The men even carried false documents to fool the police.
fool someone into doing something: Don't let anyone fool you into telling them your PIN number.
fool yourself: She realized she'd been fooling herself, he didn't really love her at all.
just/only fooling SPOKEN
pretending that something is true, as a joke:
Don't look so worried, I was only fooling.
you could have fooled me SPOKEN
used for saying you do not believe something that someone is telling you:
Sam didn't mean to upset you. Well, you could have fooled me!
,fool `around phrasal verb intransitive
1. ) to behave in a silly way for fun:
Mark admits he used to fool around in class.
2. ) to have a sexual relationship with someone who is not your usual partner:
He had been fooling around behind her back.
fool around with: I think he's fooling around with someone from the office.
,fool a`round with or `fool ,with phrasal verb transitive
fool (around) with something to handle or use something in a stupid or careless way:
Someone had been fooling around with the controls.
fool 3 [ ful ] adjective only before noun AMERICAN INFORMAL
stupid or silly:
What's that fool boy done now?

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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